Membership Information

Membership is Open! Please register on our forums if you are interested in joining the Inner Circle Gaming Club or if you’d like to learn more. We hold monthly tournaments,  weekly team meetings and participate in ALL Games Workshop Tournaments. We give great prizes, sponsor Golden Demon entries, and WE WIN GAMES!!! Whether you’re painting, playing, converting models or just learning about the fluff we’ve got a great team to help you get the most out of your hobby.

We look forward to seeing you at our next meeting. Check the Event Calendar for Details. If you would like someone from the club to contact you please fill out the form below.

What you need to do

We only require 3 things of our members.

1)      Be an ACTIVE hobbyist

2)      Paint and Play your Army

3)     Pay your dues ($5.00 per month)

Perks for joining

There are three aspects to this hobby: playing, painting and converting. We offer something for each of these. If playing games is your main focus, you will find a list of tournaments on our website. We host regular tournaments you can play in. We also run smaller games and campaigns. If you want to get practice in one of the systems you don’t know. We will set up games for you so you can learn how to play. If you need help, we will teach you how to to use your army.

If painting is your preference, we have painting competitions at every tournament. Each tournament we run has a painting prize in it that is always equal to the first place prize. If you want to enter a model in Games Workshop Golden Daemon. We will pay for it! ($75.00 max)

If converting models and making scenery or tables is your bag. Good News!  We will have a table in the Baltimore Games Day. We also have conversion competitions at every tournament we run. If you would like to help build or run a table at Games Day we will pay for your ticket to get in.

After a member has been with us for 2 months or gives us 10 dollars worth of dues and a black polo shirt. We will embroider the Inner Circle Emblem for you.The Inner Circle Gaming Club also hosts an annual Christmas Party for members.