Shirt Order Form

40k Colors for the Cross: 0 grey 1 red 2 white 3 blue

Fantasy Colors for the Laurels: 0 grey 1 brown 2 light green 3 dark green

LOTR Colors for the Ring: 0 grey 1 bronze 2 silver 3 gold

Above the logo, on the shirt, it is going to say Inner Circle. You will need to tell us is where your game at so we can also include in on your shirt, for example: If you play at the bunker, your shirt would say Glen Burnie. You may put your state down or the store you play in.

You are expected to provide your own black polo shirt (without a logo or pocket) to be embroidered. If you cannot, one can be provided for you at a cost of $15.00 per shirt. All members must be current with at least 3 months of club dues in order to have their shirts embroidered. New members are required to pay 3 months of dues up front if they would like to have a shirt without waiting.

Bring your shirt, order form and money (3 months dues @ $5.00 per month)to your council member and we will handle the rest!